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    Start Up Application Form | L-Incubator - IIM Lucknow. Preparing for an investor presentation can be a pretty daunting task. We have two modes of working with our clients for the services below: flat fee, or monthly. The USC Incubator takes founders from feasibility and development work, on to customers, a tested business model, getting distribution, building a team, bootstrapping and investment preparation. Area 51's pitch deck, included in Wired's report, describes the incubator as a "fluid yet systematic platform" that will foster "pioneers, inventors, and leaders" — an extension of its WeWork Labs. A winner was selected from 15 designs submitted by 7 freelance designers. We will prepare pitch events inviting Business Angels and Investors. That's why The third month of the incubator program was dedicated to investment pitch deck, pitch preparations, financials, fundraising, etc. You can use this to give your audience an overview of your business plan, whether it’s for potential investors, customers, partners or co-founders. The challenge is convincing skeptical investors or others why they should put their money in your business idea rather than the 100 other great ideas piled on their desks. That being said, at StartupYard we sense a good amount of confusion over exactly what a “Pitch  A great pitch deck clearly tells the story of your company in a way that inspires But much to my chagrin I've seen hundreds of pitch decks filled with jargon, at Runway Innovation, a leading startup incubator and corporate innovation lab in  19 Dec 2017 "Area 51 Paradise Ranch" has a new exciting name, but a pitch deck suggests it's pretty much just a WeWork. Created by me for a local startup incubator and inspired by classic templates from folks like AirBnb, Guy Kawasaki, Sequoia Capital, 500 Startups and Venture Hacks. He also teaches the psychology of how to ask for and get the appointment with the investor. The Pitch Deck convinced Walmart that it made good business sense to put us in their stores. Our incubator platform empowers founders all over the world by providing hundreds of awesome startup resources from every major category – all in one place. Either way, if you’re accepted, we provide between 90-365 days of help with the following: all of our Founders & Startup Services New incubator looks to plug small government contractors you need a clear and succinct pitch deck, with simple charts and graphics and an optimized color palette designed to appeal to the Having a near-to-perfect pitch is essential to market your business to potential investors. 31 Jan 2019 A 'pitch deck' is a presentation that investors expect startups to share with relevant investors, accelerators/incubators you've participated in. Dave Parker is a Tech Entrepreneur, Investor, Board, and Advisory Board Member for dozens of companies. Are you looking for a free pitch deck template? Check out my Pitch Deck Template on SlideShare. PITCH TOOL BOX - an ultimate set of visual materials to gain a startup investment on any level of that hard journey of the entrepreneurship. As a mixed-use business incubator catering to startup and early stage companies, the Innovation Center offers office and laboratory space as well as meeting and training rooms. Rolling application (no geographic limits) usually fill up 3-4 weeks before the BullPen event. A buzzy startup raised $57 million from Peter Thiel and Y Combinator using these 19 slides. Best pitch decks A pitch deck is a brief presentation, often created using PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi, used to provide your audience with a quick plan. 2) Team (If not impressive, move slide to after “Your Solution” to show who built it  Start-up pitch (video or slide deck) – see guiding content questions at the Review the terms and conditions of the Copernicus Incubation programme contract. Paul has more than two decades of experience as a tech entrepreneur in the telecom space, including a successful exit. 3M in 2019 — ConsenSys believes it can become a valuable company, provided it can get through the next year. When you're accepted into our program, you gain a lot more than office space to house your founding team or a lab to continue research for the next 18 - 36 months. Step 5. Here are the guidelines you need to follow: Format. Take the time and effort to make it smart, concise and the story compelling. Investor Advice for Pitch Deck 2. If they ask to see your pitch deck, this is what you want to send. TSI facilitated the acquisition of an airline wholesale inventory agreement with one of the leading airline wholesalers. Similar to Playtest Thursday, but restricted to only Incubator teams and the Advisory Board. We’re looking for exceptional teams with the commitment and skills to solve an important problem for a large number of users. StartupDevKit is helping startups incubate, build, and grow into sustainable companies via our membership-based startup incubator platform & mentoring. Pretty awesome! We help startups with coaching and connections to capital and customers. This is first done mentally by talking out, writing out, and typing out what Kodo Startups calls the Kodo Startups Pitch Deck Canvas, where things like problem, market, solution, projected cost and profit, equity and funding, and team are all considered. Pitch Deck. You get a phone call from the head of the incubator. Any information shared by you is kept confidential and no one beyond the Open Incubator team will ever view it. A pitch deck is usually a 10-20 slide presentation designed to give a short summary of your company, your business plan and your startup vision. A number of authors, venture capitalists and startup founders have created different versions of what they consider required elements to a successful pitch presentation. Building a startup takes more than funding. Robert Earl and Freya Estreller appeared on a recent episode of Investor type Pitch Deck ready to go. We provided s trategic advice on early product development, inventory modeling, pitch deck and investment deck development. Plus why you need a pitch deck and what investors are looking for. LinkedIn's Series B Pitch to Greylock and Pitch Advice for Entrepreneurs - An annotated copy of LinkedIn’s successful Series B financing pitch deck with great advice. CEO, Intercom Intercom CEO Eoghan McCabe shared the deck here The deck below is a template for how I think companies should build seed decks. ) in a way that it becomes investable. Free Pitch Deck template and examples included! 19 Tháng Sáu 2018 Pitch Deck- the overview presentation about starup, is the important tool The workshop was hold by Songhan incubator and Swiss EP ( the  They were approaching the deadlines to apply for a local startup incubator when they contacted us needing a business plan and a pitch deck. I’ve raised close to $1 million from angel investors for my previous technology startups. USF Tampa Bay Technology Incubator, Tampa Bay Wave, Pasco SmartStart, etc. A pitch deck is a visual summary of a business plan. The [Retailer Pitch Deck] presentation, which I have used countless times, has LANDED ME MAJOR RETAILER ACCOUNTS including Babies “R” Us and Target. Think twice before trying to use either one. For the right ideas, we also offer structured Incubator or Accelerator style assistance. In order to truly solve a social problem, an entrepreneur needs more than their ideas—they need the right Liberate Your Startup. Step 6 We took real estate startup WeWork's first pitch deck and up-leveled the design to make a WeWork isn't just another New York office incubator, though. com/how-to-design-a-better-pitch-deck/ ↩  11 Sep 2018 The image at left imparts the approach we at TU Incubator impart as requirements And you might use Sequoia Capital's template pitch deck:  Introducing More Than A Pitch Deck The Virtual Incubator. International market pitch deck for sales of Site Selection Magazine and Conway custom content publications. The Berkeley SkyDeck Fund is the investment partner for UC Berkeley’s SkyDeck Accelerator Program. These judges will choose four winning startups to enter the Incubator. An elevator pitch is simply a very short pitch that distills the idea into a short summary that takes only as long as a short elevator ride. Travel Startups Incubator has 3 current team members, including Lead Counsel, Travel Startups Incubator Jessica Hoffman. https://blog. We don’t specify which up front, as we prefer to be flexible and provide a hybrid of whatever is needed. Mostly shared space; open floor plan; often with mix of office and specialized equipment. A selective and intensive program, with tangible outcomes for startup success. Whether it's your first time sending a pitch deck to investors or you're presenting at Techcrunch Disrupt in front of 5. Untruth #4: You and your team are rock stars. leAD, the Sports Startup Accelerator Program by Adi Dassler's grandsons, Horst and Klaus Bente. Please note that the members in the team also run a chatbot for ecommerce startup and if you find that as a conflict of interest, then please do not share any of your confidential information. While the main target for this template is a company raising its seed round, the deck is not all that different from best practices for a Series A deck – which we’ll release next. Need tips for pitching a food concept to investors? Here's some advice from two people who have been on both sides of the table. Mentors are encouraged to attend the Fellows’ capstone presentation events in December and April, Incubator Pitch Competition Pitch & Scale. You're shocked! A pitch deck is an essential fundraising tool, whether you’re looking to raise $50,000, $500,000 or $50 million. 6 Call Rooms. It is an austere approach to pitching your ideas, but one that I hope can help new start-up companies channel their excitement and passion into an investment opportunity. Fundraising documents are designed to dazzle. But there is a key element in achieving the purpose of the pitch that many leave out, and that is to understand the audience. We highly encourage you to read about our deal, our investment focus, and our selection process here in the FAQs. Only 10 days remaining!! Email your Pitch Deck to incubator_pitch@iiml. Please arrive and wait outside the pitch room in advance of your pitch slot. Download Pitch Deck template This is just a template for your reference. Pollenizer is an Australian start-up incubator that builds and invests in web businesses. For startups with outstanding ideas, the leAD-team of founders   investors and access best practice tools (e. Get inspired by this 2018 curation of pitch deck examples from 500 Startups and Y Combinator. in UP Govt. LinkedIn's Series B pitch deck is an old classic, but it’s definitely a must-read for anyone trying to create a strong pitch. Boot Camp. Subscribe to Envato Elements for unlimited Presentation Templates downloads for a single monthly fee. Welcome to the #1 pitch deck template for startups. PROBLEM: The most innovative group of society is barred from entrepreneurship. If you still have questions, feel free to shoot us a quick email to hello@apx. jpg MatchBox Pitch Deck - 01. Personally, I’d pay the cash for a designer if you don’t have the skill set internally. Download Arlea : Red Color Tone Pitch Deck Powerpoint Presentation Templates by punkl. On December 1, 2019, we will launch Kodo Startups Virual Incubator. This investor deck template is ideal for initial approaches to VCs and Angel Investors. . I'll use screenshots from the current version of this deck to illustrate some of the information you should consider including on each slide of your deck. The Farm & Food Business Incubator is a partnership of SUNY Cobleskill and CADE, with funding support from the Empire State Development through the Mohawk Valley Regional Economic Development Council. TAM, SAM, SOM are the typical numbers. They even help the entrepreneurs in developing a perfect pitch deck. // Techmeme Brady Dale / CoinDesk: Report: blockchain startup incubator ConsenSys' pitch deck forecasts $100M burn rate for 2019, says it had $21M in revenue in 2018, projecting $52. 0. Pitch deck should include: Description of management team; Description of your service or product; Your industry Many posts and videos on how to create a pitch deck focus on the content that the pitch should have, or perhaps the visuals the pitch should show to engage and impress your viewers. Don’t just jump into an incubator because it exists, but find an incubator that offers investment, mentorship, or industry exposure that your startup really needs. Despite the brevity of the presentations, which usually run for 10 slides or less, creating a pitch deck that wins investment is no easy task. Because of this, they have multiple contacts with previous and potential investors. Sometimes you only get 10 minutes to pitch your business opportunity to the investors (or less in some cases). HBK Incubates is a shared commercial kitchen space and business support program for high-growth food enterprises, run by award-winning food business Hot Bread Kitchen. We soon realized this was difficult to accomplish in a ten-week period, and isn’t necessary to raise funding in the current environment. As The Information first reported Monday,  The “Best” Investor Pitch Deck Outline. However, if you do not come with the requirements listed below or if you've pitched recently you will not be allowed to pitch again until you show significant changes in your business status. These aren't exactly public. ELIX INCUBATOR APRIL 2017 PITCH DECK PUBLIC COPY 2. Pitch Deck, the exhibition's title work, serves as an expanded moving image pitch, whose artificially intelligent narrator outlines Petricore’s vision for an artworld inoculated against the unquantifiable risks of artworld participation. Talks, guides & resources from the Amplify archive. No success fee required. org. This chapter shows the basic structure of a pitch deck and helps you distinguish between essential and optional slides. Complete the entire program at your own pace, it’s always available to you. I’ll notice that unaligned text box…trust me! 5) Keep it simple. Since our inception in 2016, we have nurtured 10 start-ups in the first year. To see samples of our work, please get in touch. is hosting UPStartup Conclave - A Startup event in Lucknow, Inviting Students and Startups to Pitch-in, Network with Investors and Learn from Speakers! The RUNWAY Incubator. Now, if you want the meaty second part of the Pitching Masterclass, which participants and customers tell me is the exponential and unique value-add, the next part where I give individual feedback and we work with each team in detail to perfect the deck and the pitch performance, you are free to choose to book me in person for an on-site We understand that your businesses data and methods are important and private, as such, we are happy to sign Non-disclosure Agreements to put your mind to rest. Here’s how Rules for Seedstars World pitch. SBA Emerging Leaders Initiative - Is a federal training initiative that specifically focuses on executives of businesses poised for growth in historically challenged communities Startups will be given the chance to pitch their deck to the judges panel with senior management at the Emirates Group, GE, Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing and Dubai Technology & Entrepreneurship Center with four startups selected to enter the Incubator. Creating a pitch deck can seem daunting at first, especially if you've never done it before. A good pitch tells a cohesive and compelling story, enabling you to find the funding you need to grow the business. At Amplify, most of the support we lend our entrepreneurs is customized to each founder and doesn't easily lend itself to an online format. Whether a startup seeks to raise money from angel investors, venture-capital firms, or other backers, the presentation — or "pitch" — about the business is critical. Incubator: National Society of Collegiate Scholars, near Dupont Circle. – Make it simple. You will then be given the chance to present your pitch deck to senior management at the Emirates Group, GE, Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing and Dubai Technology & Entrepreneurship Center. Every time you apply you can use your pitch deck and improve it when you get feedback. First Pitch Deck: 365 Days, $10 Million, and 5 Magic Slides. How to Make Wealth. Explicit mission focus; integrates business support & TA  16 Aug 2019 Tinder=pitch-deck-template-2. As a Bloom Incubator Member, it’s free for you to book time with a mentor, coaching with an expert, consultations with industry professionals, attend our training, come to events and gain access to a huge network of entrepreneurs, investors and support. Through its network of certified facilitators, infoDev has helped more than one thousand people increase their understanding of business incubator models, how to finance an incubator, monitoring and evaluation, mentoring programs, and more. You receive the full support of CEI's staff, partners, and advisors to guide you through each phase of your company's growth. 5 million low income teens. Here are the 8 “ingredients” I think are the most important for creating a pitch deck that will make your fundraising We can get insights from your deck very quickly and see if there is a match. And when you finally reached them it’s crucial to have an appealing and professionally made startup pitch deck or pitch video to knock down your future investors, but still stay on a budget. Even if you’re not part of an incubator, a quick Google search will bring up tons of different pitch decks from several prominent companies, so you can review a selection to build a deck format that works for you. Since 2012, the 81 HATCH pitch finalists have raised over $340 million and we’ve seen ten exits. We will assist you to create a stunning pitch-deck. Our presentation template is designed to help founders pitch their business story to potential investors. So, the next time a successful pitch deck is released for our viewing, please make sure it’s pertinent to your companies’ stage and fundraising round. So today I thought it would be interesting to share the first pitch deck I ever used for Intercom. Food Business Incubator NEW! Do you dream of opening your own restaurant or bakery? Having a food truck or running your own catering company? Then you cannot afford to miss Seattle Central College's Food Business Incubator, with Peter Lewis, the founder of Pike Place Market's casual French bistro, Café Campange. It is preferable that you also be an active member of an incubator or accelerator in the Tampa Bay area (e. Team Neighbor Net from Wheaton North won the $2,500 Investment Award grand prize sponsored by the Student WeWork’s New Startup Incubator Promises 'Fertile Paradise' WeWork is quietly recruiting startups to a project called Area 51 Paradise Ranch, an incubator and "launchpad. • Applicant   20 Aug 2019 Intelak Incubator are looking for startups with an existing prototype or solution, You will then be given the chance to present your pitch deck to  Nevaal is a networking platform for entrepreneurs, startups, incubators, nevaal maps allows you and your team to share a digital pitch deck as often as you  9 Oct 2018 On Friday, 28 September, the MEST Incubator Accra organized an all-day He explained that ideally, a pitch deck tells an appealing story,  27 Aug 2019 Teams will be given the opportunity to present their pitch deck to senior and Dtec, wherein four winning startups will enter the incubator. Key Elements of a Compelling Pitch Deck. ” The incubator hopes to facilitate the scaling of early-stage ICT enterprises and make sustainable business incubation a reality for Senegalese entrepreneurs. LinkedIn's Series B. We at NRI Startup India nurture startup ideas to tread forward into a reality. The key point to remember here is that founders should strive for clarity and Thanks for a2a. Investors spend only three minutes and 44 seconds on average flipping through a pitch deck, so companies have to make the future look big and bright. Pitch Deck Fire specializes in pitch deck design and presentation preparation. The Founders NEVER PITCHED. co. CEI’s team of dedicated staff and industry-specific mentors are passionate about helping companies commercialize, scale, and succeed in competitive markets. With the Pitch Deck she created for BooginHead, we were able to secure meetings with the Target and Walmart buyers. We provide a recipe on how to cook up perfect deck for investors and clients. Nurture success by joining the startup accelerator, startup funding and mentorship network at Techstars. A Winning Pitch Deck - You learned about pitch decks at AWS Startup Day. ac. There is no incentive to share. Fully customized or personalized for the receiver/viewer of the pitch deck using the receiver’s name or company logo whenever possible. A startup's pitch deck covers the entire business and feedback on it in a more holistic manner can actually help the startup evolve for the better. 000 people, a solid structure is fundamental for a coherent and commanding presentation. IDX Incubator was established by the Indonesia Stock Exchange to support digital-based startup with wide-scale business prospects, in order to start building and growing its business. Business Incubator Services Got an idea, some money, but need help going forward Paragon Innovations can help you develop your business plan, financials, SWOT Analysis, Pitch Deck, Elevator Pitch, and connect you to more than 14 angel netowrks. You probably googled, “how to build a pitch deck” or looked at examples from 2010. WeWork isn’t just another New York office incubator, though. CodeLaunch is the seed accelerator that pairs the best tech startups with professional software development firms to conduct MVP hackathons as part of our annual competition, startup conference and tradeshow event we produce in Frisco, TX. Introducing More Than A Pitch Deck The Virtual Incubator. These are some of the best pitch decks that impressed most investors and got successfully funded. 19 Feb 2018 I applied to dozens of accelerators: yCombinator, Tech Stars, 500 Startups, you name it. The Best Startup Pitch Decks. Flat fee projects have specific deliverables and deadlines, while monthly projects require our services for a set amount of hours every month. Their most recent investment was on Aug 1, 2018, when they invested in Kiva Solutions. Autonebula provides high quality mentoring, product analysis, go-to-market strategy, capital through our extensive network of SME, advisors, industry leaders, and successful entrepreneurs to help startups scale up to the next growth level. Review. Every entrepreneur says the market is huge and shows the same slide in their pitch deck. 3. Fibrtex transforms local Banglalink IT Incubator, a joint initiative of ICT Ministry, BHTPA, and Banglalink, is designed to identify and grow innovative ventures. Most funds should have investment thesis' and you would think they would post  Classic mistakes: Market size is for a broad category, not what you do. Youngstown Business Incubator provides added value to portfolio companies and clients by connecting entrepreneurs with the tools, support and resources to cultivate their ideas into thriving businesses. Investor pitch deck. The below is an outline of Orange Sparkle Ball’s process for building and maintaining an In this post, I am going to describe what I feel is the ideal pitch deck and what can be left out and why. through the OnLab incubator. He founded the business accelerator of 500 Startups, he has also served as CEO until when he resigned in 2017. Revenue Model. Between cold emails, warm introductions, founders I know and incubators I help, I personally get  Looking for investment? Send us your pitch deck! Incubator. Alright, so there’s probably a lot more you can do to improve your slide deck, but this is a pretty good start. That’s how much time the influential tech incubator Y Combinator gives startup founders to deliver a perfectly crafted pitch to an If you’re raising money for your business, having an impressive pitch deck is a key component in your fundraising toolkit. Style tip. Raising money from investors for your startup is challenging at any stage and requires a great pitch A competitor analysis is a helpful tool to take a more in-depth look at the landscape of your market. A virtual incubation program that brings the Silicon Valley to you while helping you hone your value  A breakdown of the pitch decks used by some of the world's most successful startups. Name of Venture/ Title of Idea *. At Microsoft, as a Program Manager, I regularly have to pitch my ideas … and I learned that one of the best things to do is to put together a quick deck that helps tell and sell the story. Idea of the pitch deck is to give enough information to get the reader interested in your idea and make him wish to know more about you. Amazing Annotation on the rationale behind every deck. “Pitch deck is a fundraising tool and it’s a way to present your content (problems, industry, business model, traction, etc. So, you’ll need to go deeper. ” Anup said, “content is the KING of your pitch and design is the Queen”. ” Ignoring competitors/substitutes/  27 Jul 2015 Incubators, Accelerators & Co-Working Spaces BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN P Help%Startup%develop%their%pitch%to% Investors. “ Retail Path helped me to elevate my Pitch Deck by providing a buyer’s perspective that I would not have had otherwise. Companies selected in this program will have structured training, targeted mentoring, third-party service provider access, funding support, hand-on guidance and access to a global network of co-founders, mentors, investors, and services providers for the incubation period. It is much better to think of a venture capital deal as a loan plus an option. A pitch typically takes the form of an entrepreneur or group of entrepreneurs presenting or describing their ideas to prospective investors. While the market already featured various contenders selling shared office space, WeWork stood apart by leasing collaborative working environments where entrepreneurs from different walks of life could engage with each other in office environments that rank up Beyond a simple and concise deck, let’s take a look at some other ways to make a pitch deck standout. There is absolutely no rush, when you feel as though you’re ready, submit your pitch deck below. g. Looking for pitch deck comps? University’s Director of Venture Creation, I help support Maryland’s largest cluster of edtech companies via TU Incubator and associated programs. Dave McClure shares a seminal pitch deck outline on how to raise from venture capital investors. ), or a BioFlorida member. is managed by the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the ZHAW School of Management and Law. The pitch deck typically consists of 15-20 slides in a PowerPoint Elix Incubator Pitch Deck 1. We run slide by slide through the key ones to make the best pitch decks to get venture capital investors interested. HATCH pitch is the community for startups using information technology to make life better. EEIA Clients receive full Incubator services, including Mentors, Subject Matter Experts, guidance through a proven curriculum, access to a vast network of contacts from a variety of industries, and other services. The Business Incubation Management Training Program was created for business incubator managers and stakeholders in developing countries and emerging markets. Well, here’s a good one that I came across today: View Pitch Deck. 3-4 slides, 5 slides maximum. https://upstartupconclave. OTBC Startup Incubator. Generally less focused on game design and hands-on production, a studio visit could be a conversation about marketing strategy, reviewing publishing opportunities, or refining a pitch deck, for example. or you’re in an accelerator or an incubator program – you can find value in our Thailand's first specialized accelerator and incubator for science and technology Accelerating deep tech ventures in focused areas to grow their businesses internationally via SPRINT™ expertise and network For the sake of argument we’ll use the slide titles and sequence (flow) I use in a sample pitch deck I have created for my pitch deck coaching business. It makes you look professional and is an immediate tick, rather than bringing doubt over the team’s execution ability. The frustration I have for screenshots in pitch decks goes for screencasts and videos as well. What is The PitchFork Challenge? The Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship (HGC) created the PitchFork program in 2016 to coach business entrepreneurs to pitch their business investment opportunity on a quarterly basis to a room full of investors with a purpose to boost the startup rates in the Monadnock region. Who is the Pitch Deck meant for? Your Pitch Deck is meant for investors who are able to write a check, or connections who can introduce you to someone who is able to write a check. EEIA Clients have submitted a formal application and have been specifically invited to join the Incubator as a Client. My guess is they are funded and owned majority by IAC. Headwaters Farm Incubator Program is designed to assist in the development of new farmers. Crosspring is an inspiring place with like-minded people who have the ambition to start a successful business and / or want to extend their existing business in the areas of FinTech, AR, VR, Cybersecurity and B2B SaaS. According to Sonatel (Senegal), a local partner, “The incubator is a nucleus to better understand the problems of entrepreneurs. A pitch deck template with sample copy to help technology startups sell their business concept to angel investors and VCs. jpg Here's the deck Tinder used in the IAC Hatch Labs Incubator in 2012. ’ You might think that these students could be nervous, but they weren't. Open doors to venture firms. When: Venture Mentor sessions typically occur on Mondays (Incubator) or Thursdays (Fellows) from 5-6:30 pm during the fall and spring semesters. The program involves leasing out sections of EMSWCD’s Headwaters Farm to motivated, experienced individuals who will use it as a launching pad for their own farming endeavors. Twitter Design a pitch deck template for a startup incubator. azinky needed a new business or advertising design and created a contest on 99designs. Each cycle culminates in Demo Day, when the startups present their companies to a carefully selected, invite-only audience. These kids like to show off. You probably attempted to stitch something together based on what you’ve learned on the internet and realized your You can read more about Area 51 -- and view some of WeWork's pitch deck on the incubator -- over at Wired. SPEAKER: Catherine Spence How pitch to investors, the techniques Elevator pitch; outline the deck (full of questions), what’s enough Story building narrative Problem for whom, evidence and size Solution why it fits for whom Offer what they will pay Why numbers add up Ask what will it do? If you want to apply for Foundry funding, you’ll be required to send through a pitch deck summarising your company, the problem you’re aiming to solve and the market opportunity. Startups frequently prepare a “pitch deck” to present their company to prospective angel or venture capital investors. Get started by reading the full pitch deck. The Community Foundation and the Santa Fe Business Incubator will review the pitch decks and choose five that best fit the program. However, ConsenSys also projects $152 million in expenses in 2019, with $52 million in revenue, for an estimated $100 million cash burn, according to an investor deck obtained by CoinDesk. For special cases (ex thesis project, research project) we can provide an accelerate Proof of Idea track, between one and two months, to prepare the necessary documentation and pitch deck for the Proof of Concept stage. " Miguel McKelvey, WeWork Oxford University Innovation Incubator programme - May 2019. Here's a recorded video of our practice pitch for investors at the Hub Incubator Program, University of Guelph, in March 2018 for a company I created called Fibrtex. Ok sure, you have an all-star team with 100 years of experience combined, and you’re practically all under the age of 15. A strong pitch deck will identify and communicate every point of your pitch, from revealing your unique value proposition to conveying your market validation. Click here for a free review of your current pitch deck. TSI advised LastSeat for over 1-year. When Maker’s Row was just an idea, we joined a startup incubator that gave us pitch deck examples and templates. Startup incubators are collaborative programs designed to help new startups and early-stage businesses by providing resources like office space, seed money, legal counsel, and network connections. Network virtually, pitch virtually, get one-on-one business growth advice and pitch deck tips from the comfort of your own home. The program had started its journey on 4th April, 2019 with the aim to help teams with startup ideas to get to their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage. 50 teams went through a screening process and 11 teams were finally chosen and had participated in the incubator program. But the difference between a real solution and a simple idea is informed, strategic action. There is an example of this in the pitch deck template. When raising $600,000 was a monumental task. Your presentation is one of the first steps to articulating your idea. Accompanying this work are four new 3D animations; Padding, Helmet and Incubator (all 2017). Review the materials, prepare your pitch deck, practice, then pitch on your appointed day at the location you’ve selected. In this level, we’ll focus on creating a compelling cover slide and teach you how to finish with a strong call to action! Level 14 Ready, Set, Pitch! In the final level, we’ll help you review your pitch, rehearse and get ready to pitch to a room of investors. What’s important is that you make it clear whom you are, what the problem is as well as the solution that your product solves, are you generating any revenues, and whether or not you have received funding thus far. In today’s day & age, a full-scale Token Offering can not only raise tens or hundreds of millions (sometimes in seconds or minutes), but can also cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for listing, marketing, legal and preparing the materials (pitch deck, white paper, website, minimum viable product) CEI's Business Incubator Program. In 2006 Paul founded Mobius, a leading provider of telecom fraud management soluons that is now the installed at more than 30 mobile operators globally. Join our Startup Business Series Pitch Deck Build & Pitch Practice Workshop. Some incubators offer a “Pitch Day” at the end where they bring in potential investors, while others only serve niche markets like medical technology or education technology. 18 Dec 2017 According to images viewed by Wired, Area 51's pitchdeck describes the incubator as a "fluid yet systematic platform" that will foster "pioneers,  12 Apr 2019 Joining us at Colorado Filmmaking Incubator, Justin will be sharing his He'll walk us through examples of creating Pitch Decks for film/video  10 Feb 2019 In a city near you you'll probably find a range of pitch practice nights and incubators that are fine-tuning your deck so that you can deliver a  24 Jan 2018 If you work at a business incubator, accelerator, or another you probably have to review tens, if not hundreds, of pitch decks every year. Customize this free pitch deck template now Why WeWork is Different. In the future, digital-based startup is believed to be the driving force of business acceleration in every industry line. Valuation. The basic concept is this side by slide: • Pitch the “What”. Pitch Deck Examples that made companies like Airbnb, Uber and Facebook, the giants they are today. Pitch Deck Advising. We collaborate with entrepreneurs to help them save money and time. Specifically, The Port has established a business incubator and investment Requirements for the “Pitch Deck” can be found on page 3 of this pdf. No equity required. Its contents should help investors determine whether your business is the right opportunity for them. Pitch deck template: The end of ugly decks for startup founders The startups move to Silicon Valley for 3 months, during which we work intensively with them to get the company into the best possible shape and refine their pitch to investors. To Angel/Seed Stage Investors and Partners Recommendations for Best Practices, a White Paper July 5, 2007 Author John Gale President, Taligo, LLC Member Board of Advisors, Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs Editorial Review Board Joe Becker President, Dolphin Ventures Co-Founder, Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs This is the 19-slide pitch deck two 22-year-olds used to nab $57 million in funding from Silicon Valley. 10 billion matches later, Tinder has changed the way people meet around the world. Nikolas Takas. Build • Early stage funding • Build your MVP • Business plans. and esteemed startup incubator Y Combinator. 0) Cover Slide. The Ultimate Pitch Deck to Raise Money for Startups Great startups don’t fund themselves. A great pitch deck gets potential investors excited about your idea and engages them in a conversation about your business, hopefully leading to an investment. The incubator program has helped the teams with their investment If this is you, see below for more information about our Incubator Programs & Pitch Programs (application only): Applicants to our incubator programs must live, work, co-work or own property in Chandler; Our programs are designed for those that have, or are starting a scalable, innovative, tech-focused business I’m always looking around for good sample pitch decks. I know what it’s like to pitch to investors—both angels and venture capitalists. 10 Apr 2017 Example pitch deck guide for startup fund raising. Now, let’s turn those lessons into reality. In our first few Cardinal Ventures sessions, we required teams to have a business plan by the end of the program. Forbes has a great example of a winning five-minute pitch from a pitch competition. The formula for the perfect Y Combinator startup pitch. Pitching an idea or company is an intimidating experience for any entrepreneur. In his current role as Client Strategist at the Macomb-Oakland Incubator, John The Polsky Incubator is a program for ambitious startups that are built to scale quickly. Bad: Share your pitch deck with the struggling portfolio company and tell you that your idea is crap, discredit your business model, and take the wind out of your sails. Looking back, our pitch was a little rough, but anyone experienced in listening to pitches can read between the lines and find the “meat. You’ll go from not knowing what you’re doing to knowing exactly what you need to do next to elevate your idea into an operational company. It’s so much more than a dating app. When pitching to investors, Lasko emphasizes simplicity in a startup’s pitch deck and encourages every slide to have an impact and be understandable without explanation within a few seconds. This post originally appeared on Business Insider. The benefits of having a pitch deck. A virtual incubation program that brings the Silicon Valley to you while helping you hone your value proposition, enhance your business model, and gain attention from qualified VCs. 10 May 2017 Thanks for a2a. Business Incubator. Soon we will launch Kodo Startups Virtual Incubator. Are you our next startup in FinTech, B2B SaaS, Cybersecurity, AR or VR? More. Our Offerings. You can support a “Project” that is looking to . If available, please email your business plan, financial statements and forecasts, and pitch deck to incubator@epicenterus. has access to a network of incubators, accelerators and funding organizations. Now when you apply the same concept to startups or businesses that are just starting out, you get the basic concept of a startup incubator. Thank you. We also can help with public speaking practice or help with your pitch deck. Includes how investors think in terms of evaluating startups, and explanations on every  Banglalink IT Incubator, a joint initiative of ICT Ministry, BHTPA, and Banglalink, Step 3. 8 Large Conference Rooms. We lead or co-lead rounds of $1-4m and are happy to collaborate with other investors. A pitch deck also represents the company and is often the first formal document that a prospective investor, partner, customer or employee will see. is open for ideas of any industry. Download All 113 presentation templates tagged with “incubator” unlimited times with a single Envato Elements subscription. Comparing your company or service with others will help your team to make a better strategy, deliver a more efficient plan business growth and have a clearer vision of the upcoming events in your organization. The Innovation Center provides the following amenities: A state-of-the-art LEED Gold Certified sustainable facility with: “ Vanessa Ting’s Retailer Pitch Deck is a powerful sell-in story that quickly captures the buyer’s attention. " Eoghan McCabe. Before you send your application you have all the time to work on your pitch deck and get the right first impression to the readers. 02 Problem Pitches LVG Stories. Cannabis Investor Pitch Deck A cannabis investor pitch deck is a short presentation that briefly describes your cannabis business to potential investors. PLUS. Commitment. Bolt makes pre-seed and seed-stage investments, often as the first institutional investor. • Pitch Deck Strategy and Design • Incubator Development Program. Step 4. They invest $100K into each startup that goes through SkyDeck, as well as participate in later stage investment rounds with Berkeley founders. supports you and your startup in picking up speed, especially at the early and seed phase. We Lead . We work with 40 students across the City University of New York on forming teams, refining ideas, and testing ideas in the marketplace. A pitch deck is simply another piece of collateral for your business. I managed to squeeze to the last stage three times and  12 Mar 2018 Kevin Hale wrote a great piece about how to design decks well. 16 Apr 2019 ConsenSys believes it can become a valuable company, provided it can get through the next year. We can expertly assist you in developing fundable pitch deck presentations. It’s from late 2011. 1) Elevator Pitch Slide. Entrepreneurs keep asking me how to create the best pitches for VCs and angels. in by June 30, 2017, and win an opportunity to get incubated under IIM Lucknow Enterprise Incubation Centre. 18 Dec 2017 According to images viewed by Wired, Area 51's pitchdeck describes the incubator as a "fluid yet systematic platform" that will foster "pioneers,  INCUBATOR. Dave McClure is an American entrepreneur and angel investor based in San Francisco Bay Area born on 1966 in West Virginia, United States. Prepare • Lean canvas • Market testing • Pitch deck and video. There is a lot of confusion when trying to create a pitch deck for a Venture Capitalist/ Angel/ Incubator/ Accelerator. Business pitch • Pitch your start-up & its full growth potential (NABC) Progress status • Outline the current stage of maturity of the start-up (evidence & reasons-to-believe so far) Funding request • Present your needs • Explain the use of funds • Develop the reasons to believe 16 It is a highly immersive, no-nonsense, no gimmicks, practical and proven approach that guides participants through the process of creating an attention-grabbing pitch ( and pitch deck!), step-by-step. The timeline shows when each current publication is produced. membership perks The MAGNET Incubator works with startups in Northeast Ohio to turn manufactured product ideas into growing businesses. Your pitch deck will be about your content and the design should not overdo it rather it should Start-up Pitch Deck Judging Criteria PURPOSE: The Pitch Deck is developed to explain what the company is doing, what customer problem it’s going to solve and present the team that can do it. This 60 days incubation program is designed for helping early stage startups to move ideas into a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) stage. So you need a pitch deck because investors invest in businesses, and a pitch deck is the fastest, easiest way for you to explain your business to them. Others Hiring is Obsolete. ➢ They'd rather Pitch Deck - Template. A template pitch deck can be found on the Foundry homepage. Therefore why they have a pitch deck is a good question too. Although this deck is quite long and very thorough, it’s a fantastic example of how to seed funding rounding pitch deck may differ from a VC pitch deck for a Series B round of financing. You’ve worked on your product, your team and your vision. We sent our pitch deck out via email to respected business people for input. The Fabric makes additional, smaller, investments in VC-backed Series-A rounds  As a mixed-use business incubator catering to startup and early stage companies Pitch Deck Development, Fiscal Referrals & Investor Introductions, Financial  The best question you could have asked! Members benefit in a number of ways but the 2 principle benefits are. This week, they released a set of slides which they use at BootCamp and StartMate titled the Universal Pitch Deck. IEO Incubator Program. For example, they tend to focus a lot on the problem or the opportunity slide in a startup pitch deck. Typical checks at this stage are $10-100k, with total funding rounds of $100k-$1MM. Founders Space is a startup accelerator incubator with advisors, investors, venture capital, funding, angels & VCs in San Francisco and Silicon Valley These programs can help you get to the next stages of your growth without spinning your wheels and learning the hard way. We started creating a different kind of pitch deck, one for maximum effectiveness with the goal to acquire exactly what we needed which is a conversation to start an engagement. Home; About. ycombinator. We will take you through the basics of how to develop a pitch to investors, how to build a deck and what you need to do to make the right first impression. The Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation is an award-winning business incubator that supports Arizona-based startups in bioscience, medical technology, and sustainability. Recruiting or want to join the upper echelon of the startup world? Apply to Spark xyz The Deck. Our incubator is committed to helping you successfully secure the funds you need for your app idea and to launch your dream. 1 Kitchen. 23 Jan 2019 But what does a good pitch deck look like? We've looked at thousands throughout the years, so we have a few pointers on what makes a good  Having an engaging and well planned pitch deck is critical. High-level Suggestions from ReOverThinking: Travel Startups Incubator has made 22 investments. Purple Color Tone Pitch Deck The 2019 Pitchfork Challenge: Money and Momentum. The Startup incubator with the highest rated mentoring in Oregon. No travel required. Host a Women’s Fast Pitch in your local region! If you run an accelerator, incubator or female founder focused organization where you would like to host a local Women’s Fast Pitch competition, where the winner goes on to be considered for the opportunity to pitch at the Women’s Venture Summit – Get to Even on September 14, 2019 in San Diego, CA. incubator or some form of government The 1st Batch of Startup Dhaka Incubator has ended its journey with its Demo Day on 24th August. Students develop prototypes and a business plans over the course of 10-weeks and then pitch their ideas to the public to gather feedback and prepare for the next stage. This virtual incubator accepts startups of any vertical and helps them accelerate their path to VC funding by guiding them step-by-step through the process for building a company that is attractive to investors. The Monarq Incubator is built specifically for women-led companies in technology, in any vertical with a mission to get them funded. Shared office space is also available. Most funds should have investment thesis’ and you would think they would post them… you would think. The USC Incubator accelerates the development of USC’s top student and alumni entrepreneurs through experiential education, mentorship and community. I like how you very clearly outlined your thought process, your insights, and your learnings … as well as a nice frame for a pitch deck. If you have a prototype built, a team in place, and you’re ready to run, we’d love for you to apply. Aug 31, 2019 - Zowel accelerator- als incubatorprogramma’s bieden jonge ondernemingen de kans om te groeien, te leren en om de volgende stap te zetten. 6 Aug 2019 During recent years, incubators and accelerators became buzzwords with business planning,; startup pitch deck development,; drafting and  Unlimited access to the Jim Freedman Pitch Deck Room. These are big questions with no clear-cut answers, but we do have helpful guidelines to share. Many of the investors IBC Group has worked with that made great returns in the early days of the ICO hype have asked get involved in current IEO hype (similar to ICOs but with significant improvements). In the capital-intensive culinary industry, our incubator allows entrepreneurs to mitigate start-up risk and grow their food ventures in a community of business owners. It’s a bit murky as to their funding and ownership structure. In case of early track of your users we will assist you in mapping the KPIs and we will provide suggestions for strengthen your customer base. Birdhouse biedt op dit moment een acceleratorprogramma, maar begon in 2016 als incubator. And when I thought it could get us to profitability. The pitch must be in English; 3 minutes of pitch and 5 minutes of Q&A This is an informal mentorship program where you can meet with experts in various business fields (including business design and law) and get their advice. It's important that our community has access to the top of the line tools and services to help grow. Before you get started on creating a pitch deck for your startup, there are a range of aspects of a pitch deck that you should thoroughly understand, which should help you avoid making time-consuming mistakes while attempting to create the perfect pitch deck. H ere’s the deck Tinder used in the IAC Hatch Labs Incubator in 2012. The difference is that a deck is targeting investors instead of customers. Travel Startups Incubator has had 1 exit, which was Flit. It is also helpful that a better pitch deck can be pretty useful for fund raising. Many startups and venture capitalists get caught up in trying to write out specific slides in an investor pitch deck according to a structure they found on the internet or in an incubator workshop. 4/10 teens want to start their own businesses, including 3. These aren’t exactly public. Includes examples, templates, and more help for entrepreneurs. Speaker, juror  15 Sep 2017 So how do you tell a compelling story about your company to investors? First, figure out which type of story you should be telling and make that  28 Jul 2019 Find all the necessary steps to create a strong and effective pitch deck for investors. Our researchers  If you join accelerators/incubators or you consult any VC, you will receive a slightly different version of startup pitch deck examples to use as best practice. Manufacturing: Many startup incubators have tools and equipment to manufacture prototypes, 3D models and even final products. This is a standard set of pitch slides that cover the bare basics that you need to convey for a successful pitch. Arbitrary numbers – “if we only get 1% of the market. We therefore focused on having a pitch deck for each team by the time of demo day. All of the mentors and partners you will meet via the Monarq Incubator program are vetted to be sincere supporters of diversity. The outline of the investor deck mainly focuses on your startup's growth metrics and traction. A typo or misspelling in such an important event says to investors that you aren’t detail PITCH-DECK LIBRARY: The pitch decks that helped hot… Billions of dollars are invested in startups every year. Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 You’ll receive preparatory information from us such as a form to complete about your business or idea, pitching tips and mistakes to avoid, a sample pitch deck, and links to helpful videos. He says he doesn't believe your idea is feasible based on your business plan. In this article There are very few great incubators accelerators and you should definitely reach out to the portfolio companies of that incubator to determine if they are good if you don't have information otherwise. The Great Social Enterprise Pitch is a business plan competition for Central PA entrepreneurs with ideas that promote positive social and environmental impact. Your startup pitch deck should incorporate all elements of the business plan and how you intend to grow in the global market. The winning entrepreneur offers some important advice: avoid unrealistic financial projections (you’ll look like an amateur), and always copy edit your pitch deck. Deliver • Sales • Feedback • Next level of funding. You can also use this deck for partnerships, sales and recruiting. Partner of new LA incubator Thunderbolt Engine also suggests emphasizing past team successes and insuring the investors that your executive team is up to The 2019 Great Social Enterprise Pitch It's back for 2019 and bigger than ever! The Great Social Enterprise Pitch is a business plan competition for Central PA entrepreneurs with business ideas or start-ups that use a positive social and environmental impact model. The program curriculum will cover subjects that entrepreneurs need in order to systematically approach Customer Discovery, Design Thinking, Product Development, Pitch Deck Design, Market Sizing, Bootstrapping, Fundraising – everything an early stage startups The EPIcenter Energy Incubator and Accelerator (EEIA), like other successful small business incubator programs, employs a proven model to help coaches, mentors, and clients with a structured, disciplined approach to create their roadmap, and help the clients hold themselves accountable for reaching their established milestones. ➢ Passionate. From Pitch Deck to NPD – Adapting a Start-up Model for Corporate Innovation. Pitch decks shouldn’t exceed 20 words The exact pitch deck strategy I’ve used to raise $125M since 2011. Application: You can apply anytime! Your application requires a complete pitch deck. Incubation and Pre-seed Capital upto INR 25 Lakhs from L-Incubator. The RUNWAY  Donna Griffit is the best corporate storyteller company in California & New York. Hence we decided to setup Open Incubator with a focus on giving founders feedback on their pitch decks. ” — Romy Taormina, Psi Bands Like any good story, a pitch deck has a beginning, a middle and an end. Pitch Power is powered by Moonshot at NACET and funded by the City of Chandler who will award scholarships to all participating entrepreneurs With our experience of working with 1,000s of startups and investors, we help startup founders create a comprehensive business plan and a powerful pitch deck. Read on for a worked example of the 12-15 slides that comprise a typical investor deck. Tinder is a powerful tool to meet people, expand your social group, meet locals when you’re traveling and find people you otherwise never would have met. Each entity requests different lengths of pitches, and our strategy for success starts by creating a longer 20 slide reading deck, which can then be crafted into a 10 minute pitch, then a 5 minute pitch; culminating in a short, punchy 2 minute 'elevator pitch'. The list of companies pitching will then be posted outside the pitch room. Join The Incubator Today And Move One Step Closer To Getting Funded. SERIES-A FUNDING. But YC doesn't end on Demo Day. Inspired by pitch deck words of wisdom from Dave McClure (500 Startups), AirBnb, Guy Kawasaki and Venture Hacks (the folks behind AngelList). Founders may also get support in the form of seed funding, support with their pitch or pitch deck, an opportunity to pitch live in front of an audience, and a vast network of potential investors. Again, here’s how to make a solid Demo Day slide deck: Make it legible. And a deck used to raise a Series A round (like Airbnb’s) will look much different from a deck used to raise a Series D round (like WeWork’s). How to pitch your startup to an accelerator scheme Don't get distracted by the prospect of cash - joining an accelerator is a tough process and may not suitable for your specific startup. Published on: Dec 18, 2017. Now you need funding to help you scale. Selection: The RUNWAY About the RUNWAY Incubator. Here at the 1871 incubator, we’re pretty familiar with the up and downs of the start-up scene and an investor pitch deck is perhaps one of the highest stakes PowerPoint presentations in the business world. May 22, 2018 was Pitch Night for the Business INCubator Program at our high schools. Pitch Day. How to write a killer deck, and get funded. Social entrepreneurs come up with needed solutions in order to change the world for the better. BullPen events take place on a quarterly basis, normally at a NJ/NY University campus. Investment Team-Investor Connection. Just $995 to get the Silicon Valley mindset and accelerate your path to Provide a list of the key technology development milestones to be worked on at the Incubator and an Please upload your non-confidential pitch deck and/or What Is A Business Incubator? Incubator, as the name suggests, is a place where conditions are met to make life sustainable by providing a nurturing environment. The deck should  Investors see countless versions of these pitch decks every day. That doesn’t mean you have to write a business plan before you build your pitch deck, but it does mean you’ll have to think Its pitch deck is an excellent example of how you can use a lot of graphics to get your point across. The "Five Slide" Cyber Investor Pitch Deck for Start Ups I am going to describe what I feel is the ideal pitch deck and what can be left out and why. The market is a lot more discerning than any employer. It tells a relatable story. The infographics show subscriber and readership statistics. Mock Pitch Day. You probably googled, “how to build a pitch deck” or looked at  Funding Process · Guidelines For Pitch Deck · Submit Business Plan · AAN FAQ's Autonebula Incubation Services, which is India's first Automotive and Connected Transport Incubator operates Autonebula Angel Networks (AAN), a network  21 Sep 2018 Stacie here with Pitch Deck Fire and I'm so glad you guys have joined us for or an incubator program – you can find value in our Pitch Hack. incubator, venture capital firm or an independent investor - we would like to  Open Incubator is a two month startup incubator program that will help startup founder who have an idea to build the product and validate it to Pitch Deck Build. We've partnered with experts to provide our community members assistance in building out their  3 Apr 2018 In order to pitch, you need a killer Pitch Deck. is located at the Technopark Winterthur. Pitch decks can be easily revised and customized to your audience. Uber Deck MGMT 180 Pitch Perfect: The Fundamentals of Great Pitch Decks The pitch deck (or investor presentation) is often the first tool you’ll use to connect with potential investors. But for the materials that are easier to share, we do our best to make them available to other aspiring entrepreneurs, executives and mentors. Incubator Perks Program. Creating a pitch deck can seem daunting at first, especially if you’ve never done it before. The SFBI program director will meet with each selected nonprofit to review their pitch deck and offer suggestions on content and delivery prior to the Problem Pitch presentations. With bottom up you figure out your metrics like your ARPU, repurchases, how many customers you get etc and come up with a number. A video pitch is a pitch done via a short video rather than in (PHOTO: LISD Incubator Pitch Night) “It gave the students the opportunity to learn how to create a product or service, organize its features and benefits, present their pitch and make their ‘ask. It all starts with a pitch Do you have your pitch deck and all information ready? Enter everything below and click ‘submit’. 15% of high schools teach an entrepreneurship class. As such, we’re often asked what makes for a great pitch — and, conversely, what mistakes aspiring entrepreneurs should avoid when presenting to a life science venture firm. You can learn more and book an appointment at the provided link. We are open to receiving startup pitch which adds value to India's economy and empowers the youth. employment contract, pitch deck). Practicing the pitch in front of others gave us valuable feedback and confidence in the process. The truth is that many other startups have the same. What goes into an investor pitch deck? Here is an overview. 4,000 square feet of general co-working space. ” Benefits of an Incubator 4) Pitch deck Design. Formerly the Senior VP of Programs at UP Global (Startup Weekend + Startup America) that was purchased by Techstars in 2015. In fact, a WeWork spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that when it's time to actually cut the check, "our large institutional investors have access" to This incubator is an online course and 1-on-1 mentorship program where you are guided through weekly exercises and 1-on-1 calls to help build your business. The 2019 She Leads Africa Accelerator is a 3 month program to identify, support and fund the next generation of Nigeria's best female entrepreneurs. incubator pitch deck

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